Welcome by Chair of Governors 2018/19

From the Chair of Governors


The Governing Body of Fairford Church of England Primary School is a very committed and hard-working group of volunteers whose primary concern is the education, well-being and happiness of the children and staff and developing, with the School’s Senior Leadership team, challenging strategic plans to ensure high achievement in all areas. We come from a variety of backgrounds but are united in supporting the work of the school. It is a pleasure for me to write for this website because we have a school that we are all proud of.


Our Governing Body is made up of 14 governors including the Headteacher.  The governors represent the views of parents, church, staff and our wider community. Together we are responsible for the provision of a safe, happy and productive learning environment for the children.  Governors work closely with the Headteacher and staff to establish general policy, as well as focusing on the School Development Plan which is coupled with a rigorous monitoring and evaluation schedule to ensure that actions are effective and successful. We all work together to ensure we maintain our commitment to achieving the highest standards of education, well-being and surroundings. 


I have been involved as a governor with Fairford Primary School for many years and have always noticed the very special atmosphere and a strong underlining ethos to which everybody in the school is committed. Christian values are fundamental to this ethos, the teaching and the warm welcome all receive.


Great value is placed on the close co-operation between parents and staff to ensure that every child achieves well individually. The Governors support this aspect of the school by meeting with parents in a Parent’s forum several times a year.


Every child who comes here is encouraged to grow academically, physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually so that they develop into a well-educated and rounded individual reaching their full potential. Our teaching and support staff will do all they can to provide a curriculum which will help pupils achieve this. They are all devoted to the aims of the school and work extremely hard in delivering a high standard of education. They aim to bring learning alive, making it exciting and stimulating.


A key feature of our school is the caring, family atmosphere, through which praise, encouragement and support is offered to nurture pupils’ talents and to equip them with the skills and thirst for learning that will give them a head start in life.


It is a privilege to work with the school. Together we seek to provide an environment where the knowledge and skills that life in the 21st century requires can be learnt in a stimulating way and give individuals the opportunity to develop, in full, their abilities and qualities.


Yvonne Bennetts. Chair of Governors