PE and Sport at Fairford Primary
At Fairford Primary we encourage all children to be physically active as part of their everyday lifestyle.  We aim to make it fun and enjoyable so that all children want to take part and be active, regardless of their ability level.  Children are encouraged to achieve their personal best and always strive to improve this by practising further.
All children have the opportunity to take part in competitive sport at Fairford Primary, this may be within school through inter-house sports competitions or against other schools at matches and tournaments.  We play friendly matches against local primary schools and enter into local competitions and tournaments that lead to competition at county level.
PE Curriculum
All children at Fairford Primary School are taught 2 hours of PE a week by a specialist PE teacher.
Early Years and Key Stage 1
Early Years and key Stage 1 children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement, using it to explore and develop a good range of fundamental movement skills.  They start to work and play with other pupils in pairs and small groups.  Competitive activities are gradually introduced so that they start to develop the positive attributes that underpin good gamesmanship and team play from an early age.
Key Stage 2
At Key Stage 2 children are taught modified versions of traditional games such as tag rugby, netball, rounders, cricket and tennis. They are taught the skills and rules specific to these games in a supportive environment that nurtures all ability levels.  Other activity areas covered as part of their PE include swimming and athletics.
Extra Curricular PE &Sport
Children may choose to take part in extra activities in addition to their timetabled PE lessons.  These take place either before school, at lunch time or after school.  Extra curricular activities include tag rugby, high five netball, rounders, tennis, athletics, cross country, FUN fitness, multi sports, ‘Wake and Shake’ and sports leader training.