Welcome from the PTA

All parents, teachers, volunteers and members of the community are invited to join our Parent Teachers Association (PTA) known as Friends of Fairford Primary School. The Friends of Fairford Primary School organise fund-raising events, the proceeds from these provide significant financial support to the school. The drawing together of the whole school community by enjoyable mutual co-operation and support is as important as the fund-raising. We do hope you will take an active part in these activities.

Contact information:

Joint Chairs: Lizzie Morris and Roz Capps

Secretary: Jennie Nicoll

Treasurer: Sally Holland

E: fairfordprimarypta@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/350654785112783/


FoFPS meets every 6 weeks or so to plan future events and to agree how to spend the money raised.  At the last meeting we agreed to fund the year 6 leavers books; new equipment for play times such as balls, hoops, floor chalks, etc; and to fund three theatre workshops for years 2, 3 and 6. That equates to giving the school over £1000, all of which was raised by parents and the community at events like the Bingo & Bangers night, the Christmas Bazaar and the Secrets Room. Thank you.  The fundraising doesn't stop and your children keep on benefiting - happy days!