School Worship and Assemblies

Each day, we make time to celebrate our faith and reflect on individual beliefs.

Monday: Celebration Assembly allows us to meet together to share individual, group and class successes from the previous week.  Head Teacher Awards - Shining Stars - are given to each child mentioned.  We reflect on moments to celebrate and share the School Creed.

Tuesday: Singing Assembly gives us time in class to practice well-known hymns and songs reflecting our Christian values.  We use iSing Pop Classroom Worship resources to focus on a different value each term.

Wednesday: We meet together to share a focus for the week; this may be British Values, a visitor, or a current topic.  We use Picture News resources to focus on the 5 core British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs).  These assemblies are led by classes on a rota basis.  Staff members may introduce a topic for the week linked to the subject they lead - such as World Book Week, Remembrance Day or Safer Internet Day - or national and international events - such as Comic/Sports Relief, the Olympics or current news events.

Picture News Early Years Coverage Summer 2 2022

Picture News KS1 and KS2 Coverage Summer 2 2022

Picture News Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Thursday: Stories from the Bible are shared.  Key Stage 1 are visited by our Open the Book volunteers, whilst stories and passages from the Bible are read in Key Stage 2.

Friday: Each class uses the resources produced by Imaginor to prepare a weekly assembly to share.  Each assembly includes the four elements of WelcomeLearningReflecting and Responding.  EYFS take their inspiration from Jack in the Box, Years 1 and 2 from Oscar Out of The Box, Years 3 and 4 from Roots and Fruits 1 and Years 5 and 6 from Roots and Fruits 2.

Each class has a Class Worship book to reflect on the assemblies they have led, and a British Values book to celebrate how each of the five core British Values have been shared in school.