Staff and Volunteer Action/Information

Welcome to our school

Whether you are employed by us or you kindly volunteer your services there are a number of documents that we need you to read so you are prepared and informed and can look after the children in our care.  

Once you have done so, please download the self-declaration form set out below and return it to the school office within 7 days of starting at our school.

Staff and Volunteer Declaration Form

To be completed by all new members of staff and volunteers (including work experience) once you have read the information below and to be returned to the school as stated above


Documents and Information to be read before starting at our school. Those marked * to be read annually by exisiting staff and volunteers and the declaration form above to be completed accordingly.

*Designated Safeguarding leads - Who's who

Please look at the Designated safeguarding leads in our school. You will also be introduced to them.

*Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2019

*Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1 2019

It is compulsory to read at least Part 1 and Part 5 and Appendix A from the main document, as a minimum.

This must be done on a yearly basis (whole school, including Volunteers - Annually by 7th September or before starting your role in school but at least withing 7 days of starting your role in school.

Keeping Children Safe in Education - Quiz for new starters

Please print off a copy of this quiz and return your completed answers to Kate Somers - you need to do this within 7 days of starting your role in school. If you do not access to a printer we are happy to provide you with a printed copy for you to complete.

Quick reference guide to Safeguarding at Fairford Primary School - Sept 2019

Please read this leaflet, it will tell you about the basics of Safeguarding, your responsibilities and who to contact if you have a concern.

Basic Introduction to Safeguarding in Educational settings

Please read before starting your role in school. Any questions, please speak to Kate Somers, School Business Manager (SBM).

Guidance for Safer Working Practices

Please read before starting your role in school. Any questions, please speak to Kate Somers SBM

Working together to Safeguard Children 2018

Please read this in conjunction with the Safeguarding Induction Power point referred to below.

Induction presentation for All new staff and Volunteers at Fairford Primary School (created Sept 2019)

This presentation is to be read by all new members of staff and volunteers at Fairford Primary School. It refers to many of the documents on the above page and is contains invaluable information at to your responsibilities and what action you may need to take to ensure the continued safety and protection of the children in our care.

*Annual Self Declaration Form

Existing staff, governors and volunteers will be asked to complete this form on a annual basis in respect of their DBS and any cautions and convictions

*Fairford Safeguarding and safety induction form

To be read by all Staff and Volunteers 

*Health &Safety Policy

To be read by all staff annually.

*Safe Use of Kick Stalls and small step ladders

For all staff to read