Breakfast Club and After School Club at Fairford Primary

Before and After School Clubs at Fairford Primary

Please note, during this period of Covid 19 Restrictions, only Treetops Breakfast and After School Club is operating with altered hours and a reduced food service.


Fairford Primary School offers before and after school facilities.

These include Breakfast Club open from 7.45am. Cost £3.00 per session to include breakfast, consisting of toast, cereal and a drink).

There are a variety of after school clubs running at various times during the year.  Please come to the school office for more information, or look at the Letters to Parents page on our website.

The main provision is Tree Tops. This is available 5 days a week, 3.00pm to 6.00pm daily. Cost £4.00 per hour or part thereof. Payment and booking is made using our online service. Payment and booking is made via The School Portal. For further information please contact the school office. 

Pupils are offered a snack and a drink. The children are supervised by qualified experienced school staff at all times. We offer a variety of specific activities throughout the week, as well as time for children to relax, play games and have the opportunity to do homework.

For more information and details please request an information pack from the school office which includes the Registration Form together with Terms and Conditions. You will need to pay your registration fee and complete a registration form before your child attends the club, so even if you may only use the service occasionally it would be advisable to complete a form for us to hold.

Other school run after school activities, such as Sports Clubs, Science Club and Choir may be available throughout the year. For Sports Clubs please go to the PE and Sports Tab for details.

Should you have any questions about any of the clubs please direct them to the school office.