Provision during Covid-19

Fairford Primary’s approach to PESSPA* from September 2020



In order to minimise the risk of transmission of the coronavirus resulting in full school closure, there will be no school sports clubs offered after school.  Mrs Peck will also not be teaching PE across the whole school.  It therefore is vital that every class teacher promotes and engages with ‘Active 60’ within their class.


‘Active 60’ is part of our SDP, driven by the government’s childhood obesity plan which states that ‘at least 30 minutes activity should be delivered in school every day... with the remaining 30 minutes supported by parents and carers outside of school time’.


Physical activity has been scientifically linked to enhancing a person’s mental well-being and cognitive functioning.



Every class teacher is accountable for all pupils in their class engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity every day.  This may be as a result of a 30 minute block of physical activity or an accumulation of smaller periods of time.


Suggested ideas to achieve this:


  1. Active Learning

Class teachers to build active learning lessons into their teaching week.  ‘Teach Active’ for English and maths has been purchased by the school to support staff in delivering teaching and learning in this way.  Note that the company has adapted their site and resources to take into consideration the restraints imposed by covid-19.


  1. ‘Active Blasts’

These can be carried out in the classroom, throughout the school day.  They also serve as a useful brain break, during and in-between activities.


  1. ‘The Daily Mile’

 Markings on the field will be made so that the track is widened to allow social distancing when completing.


  1. Physical Activity packs

Utilisation of the physical activity packs distributed by Mrs Peck.  These will include fun activities and games that you can set for your children.  Activity packs and equipment will be assigned to a class bubble for a term to reduce the risk of transmission.  The class teacher will embed strict hygiene routines that involve hand washing before and after taking part in these activities.


  1. School Games challenges

Engage in the virtual ‘School Games’ challenges set by CSSN** for Gloucestershire schools.  Some will involve inter school competitions between local primary schools.  Mrs Peck will distribute further details as they become available by CSSN.


*Physical Education, School Sport & Physical Activity

**Cotswold School Sport Network